Fair Education Research Paper

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FDR once said, “The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little.” Society today thinks that our world is getting better, with greater education systems, less of the unemployed, and higher incomes. The reality of this is that our way of getter a “better society” is truly just repeating itself. The effects that may occur by the changes the government makes may alternate a little, but the outcome is always the same. Issues in the world today all come down to what is learned in school. Majority of schools all over the United States are able to maintain a well funded school that will fulfill their students desires. Still there are some schools…show more content…
There are two dozen AP classes available at Neuqua Valley, and only two AP classes at Harper High”. In other words these students at Harper High are very unfortunate and are not granted with the equivalent learning opportunity as other students around the country. Despite their disappointing test scores the state still does not see it as a red flag. Schools that are fortunate need to see that other schools deserve a fair education system that can satisfy every student willing to put the effort needed into it. The education provided should be equal everywhere around the country so that it can eliminate our unbalanced society. Furthermore, from the Wisconsin Center for education research, “Blacks, moreover, tend to take longer to receive their high school certification, increasing their overall disadvantage”. Specifically, they are saying that there is still some discrimination in the world. They are saying that the white population will have a much easier and quicker educational system that will get them jobs. On the other hand the black population is proven to be taking that extra time to make up the academic courses that they could have done previously. This creates a lot of discrimination in the
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