Fairytale World Froggy

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He likes the FairyTale World because he enjoys taking adventures around there and so he can save it from danger when it comes around. He also likes Froggy, Red, Jack, Goldilocks, Alex, Lester, and Mother Goose for helping him save the FairyTale World when it’s in need. He likes Froggy especially for helping Conner and Alex on their first trip to the Fairytale World by giving them what they needed for the journey ahead.(Froggy is a man that was cursed to look like a frog, his real name is Charlie.) Conner even says “Thank you so much for all your help, Froggy. We would still be lost in the woods without you”, page 106, the Wishing Spell. He dislikes the Enchantress and the Evil Queen because they tried to rule over the FairyTale World and

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