Faith and Diplomacy in a Modern World

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Faith and Diplomacy in a Modern World The human race has been struggling to find peace between religion and diplomacy for decades. The start of numerous wars was due to a misunderstanding between policy makers and religious figures. Religion is an emotional thing, something that happens with compassion and understanding and traditions, people will take disrespect of a religion as a personal offence. Diplomacy is something that uses rules and regulations to control and order. This is why the two will never truly be on even playing field where an individual could choose a side. There needs to be combining of the two to prevent issues from arising. That’s why each religion must be studied and learned. To run any successful government…show more content…
Albright tells us that religious wars are proven to be drawn out much longer and are much bloodier wars then the average (Albright 2). “As our experience in Iran reflected, the United States has not always understood this well enough. To lead internationally, American policy-makers must learn as much as possible about religion, and then incorporate that knowledge in their surgery – a necessary task, but fatal if not done well” (7). Albright illustrates that it is important to have a complete understanding of the culture of those you are trying to have diplomatic relations with. As the Dalai Lama said “We must rise to the ethical challenge as members of one human family, not as a Buddhist, a Jew, a Christian, a Hindu, a Muslim. Nor is it adequate to address these ethical challenges from the perspective of purely secular liberal political ideals, such as individual freedom, choice, and fairness” (Dalai Lama 53). Once we can accept everyone’s religion, we can have a fully functional government. Until then we have to remember to respect one another and all other countries views if we wish global decisions to go the way we want for the best of the people. So many people in America complain about others needing compassion and understanding beliefs. My question to these people is this: Why are you not properly educating every generation to fully understand the world’s religions? I know the answer, and even though

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