Falcon Security Essay

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Future of Falcon Security with Cloud
Lavanya Pentyala
Regis University

As a growing company, Falcon Security team need rapid growth in their infrastructure to support new customer base. This paper describes cloud computing models, benefits, and challenges. This paper suggests various cloud offerings to support the growing business of Falcon Security. The paper suggests Falcon adopt cloud Platform as a Services like Amazon RDS, storage services like Amazon S3, Software as a Services like Google Mail, office 365 and Microsoft CRM online. The paper is concluded comparing Service-Oriented-Architecture(SOA) and Cloud.
Keywords: Platform as a Service(PaaS), Software as a Service(SaaS), Service Oriented Architecture(SOA), …show more content…

There are three major cloud deployment models along with few other emerging models like federated and intercloud [1].
Private Cloud
Private cloud is the best choice for companies that already own datacenter and developed IT infrastructure and have specific needs around security or performance. The cloud is managed, owned, and operated by the organization, a third party, or some combination of them, and it may exist on or off premises.
Public Cloud
Public cloud is the infrastructure for open use. It is hosted on the premises of the cloud provider. Public cloud is flexible, scalable and cost-effective. The data and processing environment are not under control of enterprises. The model is not suitable for applications or data with a security requirement.
Hybrid Cloud
Hybrid Cloud is a combination of cloud infrastructures (public, private, or community) that remain unique but are tied together by standardized technology that enables application and data portability. Hybrid cloud is the most complicated configuration to manage and the most economical model. It combines benefits of the secured environment in private clouds and rapid elasticity of public clouds.
Service Models
There are three widely used and accepted cloud service models. Service models like Data Analytics as a Service and HPC/Grid as a Service are emerging as useful models [1]. One can select an appropriate service model based on the availability of suitable application, development and test

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