Domain 1 : Cloud Computing Architectural Framework

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• Domain 1: Cloud Computing Architectural Framework. BPI will take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing to rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction of the resources needed. By doing that, BPI will have an efficient scalable environment, low cost fast and fast to deploy. A hybrid Cloud Deployment model with a combination of Public, Private and Community models will be used. The Cloud Service Delivery model will be a combination of SaaS, PaaS and IaaS to satisfy the requirements of the multiple business units within the organization, customers, and suppliers resulting in a cost reduction through optimized and efficient computing BPI will be responsible for most of the security…show more content…
• Domain 3: Legal and Electronic Discovery For the IaaS, The CSP must comply with US federal and state laws, as well as international regulations and industry standards such as PCI. Compliance with all local legal regulations should be met, and if possible excide them to match the most restricted laws among all the countries where BPI has a presence. BPI will pass down all regulations to suppliers, contractors and service providers. The CSP should maintain data retention based on local legal requirements, and should make available the records if are required in a readable format and not in a proprietary format. • Domain 4: Compliance and Audit BPI should have the ability to audit the cloud service provider, and should assess which policies and procedures related to regulations will have to change (such as activity reporting, logging, data retention, incident response, controls testing, and privacy policies). In addition to regular audits, retention times should be established. In the SaaS case, the provider will have to deploy many of the security controls for regulatory compliance, so understanding the specific requirements, and ensuring that the cloud services contract and service level agreements adequately address them, is important. BPI’s legal and contracts personnel should review the terms of service to ensure that the cloud services contract
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