Cloud Computing Case Study

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Cloud Computing:-
Cloud computing is used to connect ‘n’ number of computers to a single network and gaining different level of access across the world. It is used to reduce the IT infrastructure because it provides different type of services like servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and so on over the Cloud Computing. In present world we have different type of cloud computing like Amazon Web Services, IBM, and Salesforce etc. with different specifications which are required to others. Each service has its once implementation techniques to provide user friendly accessible.
Uses of cloud computing:-
We are probably utilizing cloud computing at the present time, regardless of the possibility that we don't …show more content…

It is free for certain usage.
2. Private cloud
It is also similar to public but the main difference is between public and private is that private services are over a single organization or maintained by third parties comes under this category.
3. Hybrid cloud
Hybrid is the combination of both the services (public and private). Special Issues on Fog and cloud computing for cooperative Information system management challenges and opportunities.
Now-a-days most of us are using cloud based on the internet to share and receive the data from it. We might also have some issues when we are moving big data through this transportation of cloud. So people are implemented with the new technology i.e. Cooperative Information System (CIS) at the network edge. The problem with this CIS is that large amount of data can be shared to local users who are nearby this network edge. To resolve this issues expects came up with additional functionality i.e. Fog. Generally, fog computing improves the quality, the current prototype to meet the requirements like offload core network traffic, time awareness, and high security, to promote the intelligence at the network edge.
Cloud computing has many challenges for IT professionals. One of the most common issues is who has their own data and how the provider will maintain the data securely. Which is a most important concern in law enforcement and litigation-related requests, notes "Forbes" magazine. Security without any third party breaches.

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