False Advertising In Lumos Laboratories

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Have you recently downloaded Lumosity for yourself or for the elderly in your home? Recent allegations have indicated that the app does not live up to its expectation and false advertising was used. Luminosity is an app that claims it could boost brain power and mental performance at work or in school. It also boasts that it can prevent the onset of the mental disorder - dementia. Currently, the company behind the app, Lumos Labs, is in a state of critical mess being sued allegedly for false advertising. The brain game developer have been accused of lying that the app could help in mental performance. Downloading the app requires a monthly membership fine of $15. A user can also opt for a lifetime subscription worth $300. The membership allows the users to access Lumos Labs' games and brain performance enhancing apps such as Lumosity.…show more content…
For any products claiming to prevent or improve mental health related performances, the product has to be critically tested and approved by the Food and Drug
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