Family And Memory Of Family

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Family and Memory
Family is a single word that has many different meanings and definitions. In a short definition we can say family is a group of people that are consist of parents, children, grandparents that are living together in a household. In other word we can say family can be defined in several ways depending on each person what he or she are experiencing in her or his life from their family. If we look at the poem written by Linda Hogan and the poem written by Robert Hayden, we will see different definitions for family depending on their background and where they grew up. People have different understanding about what the family means. Its mean ’ we must accept our parents and we must feel a shamed and understand what love and sacrifices they gave us when we were children and be aware the family could be not just bound by blood.
Linda Hogan has struggled with her mixed blood, so her family life is complicated.
Hogan remembers of the brown stain on a white shirt is a strong image that conveys combining two threads of color that ultimately make up her genetics. According to Linda Hogan’s poem she states, “it was the brown stain that covered my white shirt.” The earth colored stain on her shirt is a symbol of her homeland Oklahoma and a symbol of the brown threads that weave her into the Chickasaw family tapestry. However, from the title of her book that this poem appears in is called “calling myself home”, I…

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