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Running head: FAMILY HEALTH ASSESSMENT Family Health Assessment Grand caynon University April 22, 2012 Family Health Assessment Introduction Gordon's 11 functional health patterns (2007) help organize basic family assessment information (Friedman et al., 2003). The writer of this paper will focus on health assessment of a Nigerian family after a thorough interview of Mr & Mrs Amadi and their two daughters. Mr Amadi is 48yrs, Mrs Amadi is 43yrs, the first daughter is 14yrs and the last daughter is 9 yrs. The Gordon’s 11 list health functional patterns will serve as a guide for the writer to complete this family health assessment. This paper will discuss the outcome of the above named family’s interview with the writer.…show more content…
However when asked about the sleep/rest patterns, the husband and the children stated that they are getting adequate sleep. The couple determines when the children go to sleep usually at 8pm during the week days and 9pm during the weekend. But the mother seemed to have more responsibility in ensuring that the family’s lunch is ready for the next day by the time she fixes and dishes it into the lunch box it will be around 0100.And it takes her time to fall asleep and by 0430 everyone wakes for morning prayer after which everybody prepares to go out. She is a licensed practical Nurse planning to go back to school to upgrade to RN. The husband is a security officer at coast guard building in Washington DC. She disclosed to the writer that sometimes she has headache from not sleeping well at night. Elimination Pattern The elimination pattern describes characteristics of regularity and control of the family's excretory functions (Gordon, 2007). Regarding the question related to elimination pattern, the family denied any family member having problem with toileting and urination. The wife revealed that the 9 year old daughter once in a while have bladder accident especially when she drinks too much water before going to bed. They family explained that that all family members have normal bowel and bladder elimination pattern as matter of fact the last bowel movement for everyone was that morning and it was well

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