Family Centered Care Model

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Patient and family centered care is a model of care where the patients’ needs and preferences are taken into consideration when developing a plan of care. The patient, and frequently the family, are included in the decision making process. Education is the key. Well informed patients make better choices about the delivery of their care. In larger markets consumers have more choices about where they go to receive healthcare. “Patients can request that health care facilities provide an institutional report card that describes such indices as outcomes of patient care for medical conditions and surgical interventions, medical error rates, nosocomial infection rates, RN to patient staffing ratios, availability of support personnel, morbidity …show more content…

When one has received the call to be a caregiver they have been thrust into the role of ministering to others. As a nurse leader, it is not only the patients and families you minister to, but the caregivers you support. Bolman & Deal’s Leading with Soul: An Uncommon Journey of Spirit teaches leaders the importance of the gifts of leadership; showing love, giving power over, allowing authorship by others and finding significance in the work that is done. Showing love to caregivers is the ability to find that gift that each individual brings and recognizing it. Showing compassion to each caregiver and letting them know they are cared about energizes caregivers and makes them feel appreciated. When caregivers feel appreciated there is more satisfaction in what they do. It increases enthusiasm in individuals and decreases negativity that can be so detrimental to the team. Giving power to one’s caregivers is permitting them to make decisions. By doing so it allows them to feel liberated and gives them a sense of control over their own destination. Allowing others to develop a course of action to meet a need is authorship. It can increase confidence in others and inspire nurses to take the lead and feel good about what they are doing. Significance is the understanding of what is the value in the task or project. When a leader is able to convey the importance of what is being asked there is a better chance of enthusiasm and engagement on the part

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