Family : Family, Power, And The Children

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Daniels Family: Power As a child, I did not believe that women had women has any power at all. I am not sure where I got this idea from because that is not what I was taught by my parents. I also saw that power was distributed in levels. The way I saw things, the man had the highest amount of power, then the woman had a bit of power, and the children had not power. Depending on the situation my father had a final say on decisions. It is hard to pinpoint who made the final decision at all times because every situation is different. Power was demonstrated in my household by yelling. The person who was doing the yelling became the person in power. If my mother was angry enough, she would slap or pinch us. If my father got very angry eh would say something hurtful and/or call us a name. He never was physical with us. My family was not blatantly subjected to discrimination, but at times we would be able to tell that we were treated differently. This was especially true when we moved to an area where there were more White families. From my observations, it was as if the other adults would speak to my parents as if they were not smart. I attribute that to the accents that both of my parents have. I came to notice that the adults would make sure that the spoke to my parents at a slower pace and continually ask them if they understood what was being said. I always the idea in my mind that if we were treated less than we deserved, then we were to
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