Family Reflection

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Discuss the following: This week we learned about older adults, and the impacts of trauma in later life. What have you learned this week that you might be able to apply to this family? What TIC principles stand out to you as important at this stage of life?

For this week reading, I have learned how this family has been impacted by trauma through many experiences. This experiences, and trauma started in the past and through their life trajectories we get to observed how they have been traumatized by different life event through their life span. Some of these trauma that each member in the family has caused patterns. As we have learned from the reading (Thomsolin, 2016), the family has gone thorough transitions, and trajectories they also, have confronted many emotional, physical and mental health problems. The family from “This is us”, their development over times we observed they were affected as a family unit. We have watched how Kevin and Randall relationship continues to improve. They have reconcile and their relationship is growing. As for Rebecca and Randall, Rebecca kept in secret Randall’s father. Randall found out that his mother knew all this time about the presence of his father. As for Kate she is still struggling with her obesity problems. She breaks up with Tobi (Fulgeman, 2016).Needing time for her. As for Kevin he continues to move forward. Another crisis situation is the acceptance of Miguel in the family. All of this different crisis remount to past

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