Personal Reflection : Personal Aspects Of Family Experiences

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I enjoyed this assignment to the fullest, at times it was challenging but as time went on and I was progressing in my paper everything became easier. I was never the type of person to have bottomless conversations with my family members but after this assessment it came clear to me that I should do it more often. Although, I did not get the whole physical aspect of the assignment because I did my interviews over the phone, I still caught on to their different tones. While, discussing the past experiences with each individual I caught on to a similar pattern, it would begin with an unsure and moderate tone as if they are not sure what to say, but, as the conversation went deeper they would become more sure and more relaxed and overall fluent when we talked and from there they would just babble and go into depth on their experiences. I enjoyed listening to their stories as they reminisced of their child hood or as Cynthia Burney Wadley put it “the good ol’ days.” Lastly, the information I have learned from my family experiences really shined light into my eyes. Personally, I assumed I knew I enough about the past that I wouldn’t learn much, not only was I completely wrong, it was an inspiring assignment to continue asking and looking into my family history and background.
One thing I found interesting, was the differences between rural and urban areas. Collectively, I interviewed five individuals and three out of the five lived in a rural area. Surprisingly, I

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