Low Self Esteem Essay

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Juman Sayoury Christopher Baker PSCH 100 20 February 2017 Stuck with Low Self-Esteem? The concept of self esteem is widespread in life. When it comes to academics and extracurricular actives people associate high self esteem is necessary for success. Society makes promoting self esteem an important goal. With that in mind, it is surprising that only recently scientific literature began providing insight into the nature of development of self esteem. Self esteem is how an individual evaluates their worth as a person. It is not a person’s talents or abilities or how they are seen by others It is seen as the feeling of not being good enough. However, that does not mean people with high self esteem view themselves as …show more content…

Additionally, research indicates that individuals with certain personality traits are more likely to undergo increases in self esteem throughout life. Particularly individuals who are extroverted, emotionally stable, and hardworking are inclined to show more development in self esteem compared to those who lack these traits. Apart from levels of self esteem, another aspect is the degree of change when it comes to external factors, such as failure or success. Unexpected fluctuations in self esteem are not considered beneficial because it suggests that the individual does not have a stable sense of self worth. Studies show that as people go through their adolescent and middle adulthood years, self esteem levels become more constant. Is self esteem 's stability more similar to mood, varying from different situations, or personality and intelligence? Two studies have studied the stability of individual differences in self esteem. Both studies proved that 70-85% of variance of self esteem was accounted for by trait factors. The real question is, does it matter if someone has high or low self esteem? Does high self esteem lead to better relationships, work, and health? Is self esteem a reflection of success in those areas? If so, improving self esteem will be beneficial in life. The general pattern found in studies proved that high self esteem is a predictor of life success. In situations where someone has very low

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