Family Values And Values

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Family Values What influences you to do what you do? For me, that’s my family. They drive me to better myself and to always learn more. I'm always trying to better myself for them. I would like to set a good example for my younger cousins, be able to provide for my parents, and I want to be able to help provide for future generations; I feel the best way to accomplish this is to further my education. I try to make my actions reflect this, and the farther I go on this long road, that is my education, the more I accomplish this.
I come from a big family, as my mom is the youngest of eight, therefore I have a lot of cousins, and those cousins have children of their own, thus I have a lot of younger cousins that look up to me. My family, as big as it is, is still a close-knit family. We are all considerably involved in each other's lives. It would be an outlier for us if anyone of us goes longer than 2 days without seeing or talking to someone else in the family. I try to help my younger cousins and guide them in the right direction. I even tutor one of my cousins for her math class. I have a younger second cousin, who is like a mini me, that I want to set a good example for. Sometimes when she plays pretend, she pretends to be me. I have even given her one of my old name tags from work, and it's now her favorite thing in her dress up bin. So, I feel that if she's following my footsteps, I want to lead her in a good direction. I want the world for her, and while I'm trying my best to give her that, she still deserves more. Because of how she strong and brave she has been in her life with all of her medical problems, I often feel like she is my role model. Yet, she has decided that I am her role model, thus I have to step it up for her. If you had a young child who parrots what you say and do, wouldn't that change what you say and do? Wouldn't you treat everyone better? Wouldn’t you try harder to be a better person, at least for them?
When I was younger, my dad emphasized the importance of education. He has said that when he was younger, he did not prioritize his education, and so he went into the construction and mining workforces. He has always told my sister and I that he does not want that kind of life for

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