Fargo Church's Journey To Pentecost

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On April 3rd, Fargo church had their regular Sunday Service and studied the John 11:1-44. The minister also explained the time and meaning of Pentecost, the preparation to receiving the Holy Spirit.

After the Sermon, Fargo church members had a graceful fellowship time together. Brother Tim gave a testimony about a miracle regarding his brother's son, as he had a brain surgery a few days before Easter. It was very dangerous, so there were many doctors, and experts discussed this case a lot. Tim reflected with tears and a grateful heart that there were so many people who prayed for his nephew, and God performed this real miracle that the operation was very successful. Then the minister understood the reason of Tim's eyes filling with tears at the offering prayer segment. The minister also shared her reflection and God's work on her during the Easter retreat with Tim. When they almost finished the fellowship, there was a newcomer, named Kevin who visited the church asking for information about the Bible study.
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Please prayer for the Fargo church to grow in the practice of God's word and prayer for receiving the Holy Spirit during this period toward
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