Fashion Illustration Essay

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Illustration is an art that allows to create an amazing aesthetics that is hard to remake or achieve with the same aesthetic value using digital technologies or photography because of the emotional atmosphere, transfer of mood of the work of art and detailed visualization of images. The term “illustration” itself has a several meanings, but the most known is ‘art design’. In the past, illustration due to its characteristics been only associated with books and magazines as a support for a text. However, as the time passed illustration became an individual type of art that no longer need to play a supporting role for anything. This evolution leads illustration forward to the division of a broader term into narrower subtopics, which introduced the creation of fashion illustration. From that point, it was clear that fashion illustration is one of the oldest and most important movements in the history of illustration. Through the time, it has always had a touch with graphic design and fine arts, it has an undeniable influence on fashion and vice versa. Right now, it is possible to recognize another story of fashion by them because they reflect an individual and not a group view on it, unlike in photography. Throughout history, the artists through their works have tried to push the boundaries of our perception, inviting to the world of their dreams and fantasies. However, before fashion illustration was brought to life, it is initially the engravings in the 16th century are

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