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Fast Fashion Brands

By Sehee An
ID: 376050211
Due Date: 8/09/2014

Background research and short explanation
Although the global economic crisis has weakened consumer confidence there is a remarkable consumption phenomenon in fashion market. Fast fashion is a new word used in fashion scene to say that designs move from runaway speedily so as to take the latest fashion at Fashion Week in both the spring and the fall of every year. These trends are designed and produced fast and cheaply to enable the mainstream consumer to take benefit of contemporary clothing styles with a lower price. This concept of quick manufacturing at economical price is applied in large retail companies such as Zara, H&M, and Topshop. The …show more content…

It is a summary of the result below.
First, fast-fashion brand have five factors of their personality: Interest, Initiative, Sense, Creativity, Competitive price and Quality. And the brand personality gives sense of cultural, symbolic and practical unity to consumer.


Secondary Research
It will be taken from articles which are relevant to subject of this report, Fast fashion brands, on the internet as a secondary research. The articles will be about the perception of fast-fashion brands for many young girls. And I will determine the state of fast-fashion market in Sydney by using latest news articles.
Primary Research
A Survey will be my primary research. It can be available to get the information that I want to know from respondents more accurate one with survey. A survey will be accomplished objectives which find out consumers’ perception about fast-fashion around in city such as TAFE college, some cafes and shopping centres.
*Include discussion about your sampling include details of time and place etc.
Random sampling will be used in my primary research. Random sampling means that the way of taking one group’s sample without different intent for a sample survey and a statistic survey (Zikmund 2010 p234) Each of consumers has different experience, perception and evaluation of the brands so that It is suggested that three brands to focus group in order to get the average

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