Fast Food And Childhood Development Essay

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Fast Food and Childhood Development

Going out for a walk with our children and intending to take them to lunch outside may not be as good as we might think it is. The fast food industry is continually persuading children and young people to choose their product over the other one; using multiples strategies that will target their taste and vision. Yet fast food it might save times and please a child cravings, but a frequent consumption of fast food can distrainment a child growth and development in society in all era their life. Children who consume junk food frequently don’t develop optimally. But how bad can it be to, frequently consume junk food in childhood development?

Kids like junk food; despite all the negative consequence it can brings. Places like Wendy’s, Burger King and McDonalds are very appealing to them. According to CBS News the fast industry knows how important is to advertise their product is all different way, and consequently they spend $4.2 billion on advertising in 2009. Meaning that they are spending billions of dollars just adverting food and as result children nowadays are seeing more fast food ads than ever before, disregarding the health problem this food is associated to. The fast food industries work very to strategically persuade the eyes, mind and stomach of children. They make sure the product is widely visible to them; in children cartoon while they are watching TV, in the street with multiples poster that have their favorites superheroes,

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