Fast Food Nation Summary

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To prepare myself for human geography in the upcoming year, I read the book Fast Food Nation (The Dark Side of the All-American Meal) over this summer. This book was written by Eric Schlosser who has received many journalistic honors for his books. This book was published in January of 2001 by Houghton Mifflin Company in New York, NY. This was a medium sized book being that it was only 288 pages in length. I enjoyed this book and enjoyed learning the secrets of fast food establishments. Schlosser shows us in this story two different subjects; fast food post WWII and how the food is made for Americans to eat. The first section of the novel, “The American Way’, is an introduction to the fast food world. It starts with the stories of the McDonalds brothers and Carl N. Karcher and their rise to become a pioneer of fast food industry. These pioneers found out how to make a business unlike anything America had ever experienced before. These pioneers found business in the West Coast to start off then expanded. This novel talks about how these pioneers made their companies work, how the kitchens ran and how they found out methods that were efficient. The first section also brings us to Colorado Springs, CO. Here, it shows us the life of fast food employees, the working conditions these employees face everyday and it explains their minimum wage pay. The second section, “Meat and Potatoes”, is about what goes in the food/the taste. Schlosser goes into great detail about where the

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