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Operations Management Case 1: FAST FOOD 14-03-2011 Hussein El-Ratel Questions 1) How are in-store orders taken? 2) Are the hamburgers prepared to order, or are they prepared ahead of time and delivered from a storage bin? 3) How are special orders handled? 4) How are the hamburgers cooked? 5) How are the hamburgers assembled? 6) Is a microwave oven used in the process? 7) How are other common items, such as French fries and drinks, handled? 8) How long (time) does the process of an order take? 9) Observe and describe the layout of the place. Fast Food Restaurant: McDonald’s 1) McDonald provides self-service facilities to its customers. The customers come to the restaurant, book their order at the order and…show more content…
In the cooking process of a hamburger, a patty is cooked firstly and after that it is placed on a bun and other ingredients are placed on the top of the patty as garnishes. The most popular ingredients of a hamburger include ketchup, mustard, iceberg lettuce, mayonnaise, tomatoes, white onions and toppings. 5) The Assembling of hamburgers is done by the Production Team of McDonalds which is quite efficient. First of all hamburger patties are cooked and the number of patties and what type of patties will be cooked is ascertained by the Grill Manager who is present in every shift. The cooked patties are then positioned in a warmer till they are appropriately cooked. Subsequent to the grill is the hamburger bun toaster where buns are toasted and these buns are also placed in a warmer until they are ready for assembling. The Assembler, who takes order from the Grill Manager, then assembles the hamburgers. He takes the meat and the buns from the particular warmer and assembles it in lots. Then these hamburgers are placed with other toppings, wrapped and are placed in microwaves. After micro waving, the hamburgers are then positioned on top of the microwave, where the Grill Manager transfers the hamburgers to the warming bin (Welcome to McDonald's). 6) Yes, McDonalds uses the Microwave oven in its process, but

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