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1. Introduction Customer service is the act of taking care and meeting the needs and desires of any customer by providing and delivering services of high quality and assistance at professional level. We have many such organisations which are dedicated to their profession and providing their quality services to their clientele. Taking the example of Burger King (BK) a multi-national chain of hamburger fast-food organisation with millions of customers worldwide. Burger King was founded in 1954, is the world’s second largest fast food hamburger chain. It is also known as the original Home Of The Whopper. BK is committed to serve their products with premium ingredients, signature recipes, and family-friendly dining experience is what has defined…show more content…
External customers: Where external customers includes college students, tourist, business class people, aged people, children, couples, families etc. King have large group of external customers and it includes college students, tourist, business class people, aged people, children ,couples ,families etc., but its most visiting customers are college students, families and tourist. In each and every business there are competitors. In addition, it obvious that in fast food business there is more than one organization McDonald, Subway, Andoos, Kfc are the strong competitors of burger king and to survive in this strong market it has to give quality service and food at compatible price. 2.2. SWOT ANALYSIS SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats analysis) is a framework for identifying and analysing the internal and external factors that can have an impact on the viability of a project, product, place or person. SWOT Analysis Strength 1.Huge popular brand name and high brand loyalty 2. Burger King serves many burgers that is typically not available in other fast food restaurant. 3. Product differentiation with large size. 4. Growth model not very capital…show more content…
Home meal delivery 3. Full adaptation of its new practices 4. Changing customer habits and new customer groups 1. Saturated fast food markets in the developed economies 2. Trend towards healthy eating 3. Local fast food restaurant chains 4. Currency fluctuations 5. Lawsuits against McDonald’s 2.3. Established Market Share Among Fast Food restaurant chains, Burger King is second largest company and it holds a 15% share of the United States market. The company’s profitability has also increased in recent years. Burger King is most recognise among the people and it is due to its quality service and product ,the company is well known for its Whopper and it is known as the king of whopper. The company was recently ranked 7th in brand awareness. 2.4. Superior Growth Plan Approximately 90% of Burger King Restaurants are owned and run by independent owners , many of them belongs to family business that have been in business for decades. The company is able to grow while minimizing large capital expenditure, meanwhile it collects fees and royalties from each franchise added. 3. Organisational trends in behaviour or performance. The organisation is looking forward, try to change its trend like in daily menu, and will add Starbucks, costa to all its U.S

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