Fast Foods And Fast Food

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Fast food is one of the easiest ways to get food and eat it in a hurry. More people have been eating fast food rather than eating at home for years. The rate of fast food consumption has not slowed in over fifteen years (North). Americans in today’s society are busier than they have been. With people being busy they cannot find an easy way to make dinner, so they go to fast food restaurants to get food on the go. Many Americans also believe they are too busy to go shopping for groceries. Being busy is not the only thing that makes people eat fast food on the go. Why are numerous Americans eating fast food and not homemade food? Fast food is convenient and cheap for people who do not have time to cook or if they are too lazy. Advertisements encourage Americans to eat fast food as well.
American lives have changed over the years, and eating habits have too. With people having jobs with schedules they can barely work around, fast food is a must for them to get a meal in a time crunch. More people prefer to get food on the go rather than take the time to make homemade food. Home-cooked meals are slowly dying due to people being busy and choosing to eat fast food. More people today stop at fast food restaurants to get the food they can eat anywhere if they are on the run. When people go out of town for the weekend, fast food is an easy meal to eat in the car. Fast food is also an easy meal to eat while shopping in a hurry.
Fast food is not only cheap it is convenient; most of…

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