Fayol 's Theory Of Management Essay

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Henri Fayol 's managerial activities are recognized as being essential and are specially emphasized as being universal for achieving an organization 's goals (Pugh and Hickson, 1964). The undeniable contribution to management has provided a system of concepts which has become a leading guide for managers in most organizations. Though there were few authors who weren 't affected by Fayol 's work, there were some who criticized his work as being idealist and ignoring the reality of management. Mintzberg 's theory of 3 management roles suggests an improved view on what managers are supposed to do. Thirsty, this essay will introduce management theories of Fayol and Mintzberg in more detail by deepening in each concept of management, as well as considering views of different authors on their ideas. Secondly, comparison of two theories will be held, which will at the same time analyse the functions and processes in describing managerial tasks. The objective of this essay is to critically analyse the concept of management introduced by Fayol.
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Henri Fayol (1841-1925) known as the earliest known proponent of theoretical analysis of managerial activities, became increasingly interested in the problems of management, while working for a mining and metallurgical combine known as Comambault, in particular whether there were general principles of management that could be applied(Fayol, 1949). Fayol identified the task of management is to build and organization which will

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