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Greetings, A quick introduction, I am Edison Lewark and I am your OCIO CFC coordinator this year. I am very excited to be the coordinator as it will give me chance to meet you as we all work together to help those who cannot help themselves. In echoing the Secretary’s statements about the Department being the third highest contributor the national capital area last year, I am sure the Team OCIO will not only meet but outperform last year efforts. We all know what CFC is about and we know what a noble cause it is but if may share a personal story of how I have seen it work and it can make a significant change in people’s lives. I am a former DC police officer and I have worked in the poorest parts of our great city and in working in those…show more content…
When I inquired about why she might have gotten a lower grade she stated that she did not have access to a computer and the internet to perform the research needed on a timely basis. Through the great programs in CFC and people like you who contribute, I was able to get her the resources she needed to do research and write excellent research papers. As you can see CFC does help and provides light where dark as resided for a long time. The act of giving can be a very rewarding and that reward is the feeling of “show the love” to a fellow human being. As a police officer, I encountered good and bad, witnessed many interesting events, and some miracles, especially in DC. One of these interesting events happened, while working at detail at Howard University, some students were protesting a political issue (nothing new in DC or at Howard University), I was rushed by one of the students and some of my fellow officers thought I was being attacked (this was several years ago and not related to the issues of today with officers) and immediately came to help subdue the student. Well, it’s not what you think, it was the girl that I helped earlier. She was now a senior at Howard and ran to give me a hug, once she
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