Fear Is Something That Almost People Have Experienced At

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Fear is something that almost people have experienced at least once in their lives. It is also considered as a natural rule that everyone can barely resist or avoid. In many people’s opinions, fear seems to be useless, and becomes an obstacle which prevents people from being successful. Consequently, we are repeatedly encouraged to conquer and overcome it. However, fear is not always negative, it sometimes brings us benefits. What if everybody could defeat their fears, how the world would be? Would it become a better place?
Fear is the feeling of anxiety about something terrible may happen to us. Based on Roger Hart’s experiments on children in 1970s and children of the new generation, fear is not innate but formed by the environment and …show more content…

By the time, we see many cases of kidnapping, murder, and accident as the proofs for what we have learned about the unsafe society. We cannot ignore it because we are aware that similar things may happen to us. We are not born to be afraid; however, media, education, and real-life experiences help build a taller castle of fear in our mind which is really hard to collapse.
I used to think that fear is so troublesome. If there was no fear on earth, life would be easier. Everything has changed after getting to know a case of fearless woman, SM. Fearlessness is also has negative and positive side. It is a very rare disease called Urbach-Wiethe disease that only four hundred cases have been identified. Everyone who has this disease usually has three symptoms: externally hoarse voice, small bumps around eyes, and little stones in certain parts of the brain, especially amygdala. Scientists had done many tests to check SM’s ability to fear. She expressed no experience of fear to snakes and even with a man who held a knife to her throat. This is very dangerous because she cannot conceive of the threat might happen to her so that she hardly can avoid it. Fear is crucial for survival. However, because SM has no fear, she does not think that threats are bad for her. This makes SM happier and more satisfied with her life. Everything seems to be benign with her, and she can really enjoy her life. Fear is the

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