Fear Of Adoletion In The Loser's Club By John Lekich

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Franklin Roosevelt had said, “Only thing we had to fear is fear itself.” Then, what if teen’s fear is being alone forever? What if taunting and abuse to a teen’s mental and physical state are what sparks fear of isolation? Generally speaking, bullying is commonly used to stereotype individuals based on their physical or mental appearance. Therefore, teen’s would rely on their friends to be comfortable at school, but what if you have no one? Also, teen’s are shown negative images that reflect towards their self-esteem at home as well as in public. The deeming fear of isolation is caused by teen’s lack of self-esteem in society. Due to bullying, negativity towards themselves, and peer pressure a teen’s life is under constant fear of isolation. Every teen will fear isolation in some portion of their lives and bullying is one theme that can lead to isolation. In the novel, The Loser’s Club by John Lekich, a fictional novel revolving around the persistent theme of bullying. The main conflict impacts a group of individuals stereotyped as “Losers” based on the antagonist’s opinion. The protagonist, Alex Sherwood is an individual who is impacted by the negation of bullying from Jerry Whitman’ gang. The persistent message of the novel explains the teen’s fear of speaking up. Lekich chose Alex Sherwood as a character with a disability and who felt isolated from his family to stand up against the students that were bullying him. Alex declared “‘Don’t do that, Whitman,’ I said -not

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