Fear Of Crime In Detroit

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Detroit has been classified as one of America’s most violent cities with a high crime rate. Most of the residential neighborhoods are full of dilapidated buildings, mediocre shopping centers, burned down or vacant houses. Compared to the adjacent city, Dearborn where the crime rate is lower, there is no dilapidated building, there are no burnt down houses in any of the residential neighborhoods. Many Detroit residents often move to suburban cities like Dearborn to escape the decay of their neighborhoods. Moving to these well-kept neighborhoods insinuate the better the neighborhood the lessor of crime. This week articles closely examine the social and economic disparities in urban residential neighborhoods and correlate these disparities to crime and criminal activity. The articles for this week takes a look at Wilson and Keller’s Broken Windows research which argues that neighborhood with physical and …show more content…

Xu et al. (2005) explain that the fear of crime was more prevalent than crime because it reflect not only direct and indirect victimization, but border conditions or disorders in the community as well” (p.152). Wilson and Kelling (1982) explains a different kind of fear citizens living in dilapidated neighborhoods have. The idea is resident's fear crime that comes from disorderliness more so than the actual crime itself. Wilson and Kelling’s (1982) explained people living in Boston's Public Housing Projects express the greatest fear was disorderliness and incivility" (p.40). The fear of residents about the quality of life in the neighborhoods can come in many different forms. For example, in the city of Detroit, many of the residents are concerned with living in neighborhoods where the streetlights are not working. The fear is not that the street lights are not working, but without a properly lit street, many residents fear of being victims of criminals lurking in the

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