FedEx: Establishing Federal Express

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Federal W.Smith had a vision of overnight air express venture. He and his business partners commissioned two independent market research which suggested a market niche for a reliable, time-definite overnight delivery service. Then they executed the vision in 1973, establishing Federal Express.
Today, approximately 90,000 Federal Express employees, at more than 1,650 sites process 1.5 million shipments daily, all of which must be tracked in a central information system, sorted in a short time at facilities in Memphis, Indianapolis, Newark, Oakland, Los Angeles, Anchorage, and Brussels, and delivered by a highly decentralised distribution network. The firm 's air cargo fleet is now the world 's largest. Federal Express
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This is made possible as sensitive corporate data are protected from the outside world by security software known as 'firewalls '. Therefore, only internal users (employees) can venture onto Intranet, the public are denied access.
Intranet is an inexpensive yet powerful alternative compared to other forms of internal communications. With Intranet, many of the paperwork and documentation can be converted into electronic form on the Web and constantly updated to provide real-time information of all types to the users.
Recognising the many benefits that can be reaped from Intranet, Federal Express has acted quickly and have 60 Web sites running inside the company. As part of a company-wide Web push, FedEx is also equipping its 30,000 office employees around the world with Web browsers so they will have access to a slew of new sites being set up inside the company 's Memphis headquarters.
With the implementation of Intranet in FedEx, employees could now share information with their counterparts in other parts of the world via the internal e-mail; collaborative processing and order processing of shipping documents; transmit shipping and company information; produce department pages (new marketing plans, internal job openings etc.); annual reports; company facilities; price

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