FedEx report Essay

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Introduction 2
1.0 Measurements of success 2
2.0 Reasons underpinning FedEx Corporation’s success 4
2.1 Strong Brand Image 4
2.2 Employee Service and Customer-oriented 4
2.3 The innovation technology 4
2.4 Innovative Culture 5
2.5 Strong Infrastructure 5
2.6 Large customer base and customer loyalty 6
3.0 Strategy Capability 6
3.1 Value chain 6
3.2 VRIN framework 9
3.2.1 Value: 9
3.2.2 Rarity: 9
3.2.3 Inimitability: 10
3.2.4Non-substitutability: 10
4.0 International Strategy 11
5.0 Leadership of FedEx Corporation 13
5.1 Leadership 13
5.2 Management: 14
5.2.1 Top Management 14
5.2.2 Middle Management 14
5.2.3 First-line Management 14
6.0 The Difficulties of Remaining Successful 15
6.1 External factors 15
6.2 Internal factors 15
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Customers can track their package at anytime and anywhere. FedEx also promises to deliver on time or guarantee to give their money back.
2.3 The innovation technology
The innovative technology is one of the reasons for FedEx Corporation’s success. FedEx Corporation established the first website with a tracking application which enables the customers to search and find information so that they can quickly order the pick-up service on the Internet at anytime and anywhere. (Farhoomand & Ng & Conley, 2003 Another innovation technology is its wireless solutions which offer a unique barcode for customers to track their package from dispatch to destination at anytime and anywhere (About FedEx Wireless Solutions). In addition, FedEx Corporation has cooperated with the University of Memphis, establishing their technology department which can help them own the latest and advanced technologies, invented for the future.
2.4 Innovative Culture
FedEx is based upon innovation, and it exactly is one of the important reason for the successful of the FedEx culture and business strategy. FedEx launched a new service which is the next business day delivery service. A quote from Fred Smith whose the president of FedEx “The information about the package is just as important as the package itself”. The innovative culture within FedEx is deemed as a distinct competitive advantage in terms of the strategic business practices that are continuously encouraged.
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