Federalism in America and India

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The Federalism of US and the Federalism of India have a number of similarities and differences between them.However, by and large,they are successful.
The Similarities and Differences between American Federalism and Indian Federalism
Being the largest democratic countries in the world, both United States and India are based on federalism in their political structure. US became a Federal Republic State by promulgating its constitution in the year1789; whereas India became a Socialist, Sovereign, Secular, Democratic Republic by formally launching its constitution only in the year 1950.Thereby both countries had attained dominion status in which a number of smaller states had got affiliated forming a union with a strong central government
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5)Powers of Checks and Balances:-
Though there exists a clear cut division of labor known as separation of powers into executive, legislature and judiciary in both countries, still there is a threat. to democracy. A strong and dynamic leadership at the helm of powers as the executive and acting with unlimited powers may lead to arbitrariness. After all power corrupts power; absolute power corrupts absolutely; in the result democracy may become a laughing stock and virtually unworkable. Hence, in order to prevent unwieldy growth of any one of these three divisions, a fantastic mechanism known as powers of ‘checks and balances’ has been maintained in both countries. In other words, each division of power is somehow or other checked and controlled by other divisions of power.
In the US, the President as the chief executive power appoints his members of ‘Kitchen Cabinet’ and he is the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of Army,Navy and the Air Force. He appoints the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the US. He enters into treaties with other countries. However, his treaties must be approved by the House of Senate.Otherwise, the treaty will not come into force. Though President Woodrow Wilson was the chief architect of the League of Nations that came into being after the first world war,US could not become a member of it since the House of Senate did not approve it.Thus important policy decisions must be necessarily approved by the House of Senate, which
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