Feed Essay On Technology

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In the novel Feed written by M.T. Anderson, the futuristic world the novel is set in a continually evolving and the characters are overcoming challenges in the technological society. This book focuses on the deteriorating world due to technological advances. The most important technological advancement is the “feed” that the corporations in the future will create. The “feed” contributes to how people participate in everyday activities. Only people who can afford one are able to have a “feed” implant. It is a parallel to today’s modern use of technology and cellular devices. Titus, the protagonist, is a teenager that comes from a wealthy family and is he grows up extremely privileged. He and his friends go to the moon for spring break. …show more content…

The “feed” corporation preferred people to have the device implanted into the brain as a baby because the brain was still developing and changing which allowed the brain to grow properly with the feed. When Violet was young her mom left her father and Violet’s father had to get by with very little and also care for Violet. Violet’s dad finally saves up the money to afford a “feed” for her. Violet communication skills are more ingenious due to growing up in a different atmosphere. She met Titus while on the moon and they grew closer. Later, Titus meets her father and when Violet and Titus were leaving, he looked at her and says, “I didn’t understand a single thing he said” (Anderson 137). Titus grew up exposed to relying on the “feed” for many ways of communicating. When Violet’s father spoke with a broad vocabulary, Titus did not know what he was attempting to say to him due to the “feed” manipulating the English language to be as simple as possible. In Gooding’s article about the novel Feed, he perceives Violet’s father as being the “most acutely aware of the interplay of technological and economic forces that has turned America into a nation of impatient adolescents” (Gooding). Gooding is implying that Violet’s father has lived without a “feed” his entire life and over the years he has observed how it has impacted the younger generations and how the technology is dominating society and daily living.

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