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Writing. Writing is a no. I do not like writing and it does not like me. I have very little good experiences with it. Maybe even none. The only good writing I can do is outside of school. When I attempt it in school, I forget words, how to spell them, and how to phrase them. Its like being in Kindergarten again. Id have just as much luck writing in a different language. If one day i end up with an idea, i start spewing out millions of others too go with it. With so many things bumping around in my mind i find it more frustrating to put it into words.
Me and writing are like, Zordon and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers if you're into that. Or Batman and Joker if that's more relatable for you. The point is that we are enemies in constant battle with each other. Too bad our conflict can’t be made into a movie. Someone else would write the script of course.
If I wanted to bring up any experience I’ve had with writing, they would all be leaning to the negative side. That's if I can remember one long enough to fill a paragraph. For instance, I could bring up the special group I got put in in first grade. It wasn't specifically for writing, but I guess it was an experience. Or I could bring up the …show more content…

I wrote about our trip to Heritage School a few months previous. The paper was timed and all over the placed. It didn't help that it was a state test and i felt more stress than anything else. My mind ended up everywhere but my writing and i was so focused on details that the plot dragged on. The teacher probably loved that ‘cause they always stress using details. But then my story kept getting longer and I had to revise somehow. Big, fancy words were easy for me, but I couldn't tell if I even spelled things right. My punctuation was none existent nor did I know which ones to use. I was having no fun. It was expected, but I at least tried to have fun. In the end, I barely passed. What a dream crusher NeSA tests

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