Female And Male Reproductive Systems

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The resources available in this course for the week 3 readings of The Female and Male Reproductive Systems were helpful. The resources were beneficial and in-depth and provided detailed information about the reproduction process for males and females. The three resources I found helpful this week in learning about the puberty and the reproduction system were the interactive glossary, anatomical images, and the self-care assessments to check for any unordinary signs or issues. The resources helped to enhance the learning and provided a better understanding of reproduction for both genders.
The reproductive process is a natural part of life. It signifies that body is in the process of transforming a girl or boy into young women and men and eventually into adults. The interactive glossary was a great resource to use for multiple reasons. It contained a dictionary for students to type the word needed defined and view the meanings as well as show where what part of the Human Sexuality book the term originated. The interactive materials such as anatomical reviews, interactive reviews, flashcards, resources, links, practical quizzes, self-assessments, and web exercises provide in-depth knowledge on an important topic.
The anatomical images as well as the text explaining the reproduction process was enlightening. The images identified areas affected during the reproduction process and anatomical positions of the genital areas as well as different parts of it that play a crucial

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