Feminine And Feminine Archetypes

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Anth 2231 Research Paper
The notion of masculine and feminine archetypes in both historical and present day terms undoubtedly exists in today’s society. In fact, it is becoming increasingly common for individuals to regard both sexes in different manners, perspectives, and viewpoints even as young as their adolescence. Where women are considered passive, home-oriented, and objects of sexuality, men are often thought of as aggressors, public figures, and protectors. There are many various explanations why men and women are regarded so oppositely by their peers. Such variances in opinions and perspectives can arise from the different biological and psychological traits of both sexes, the upbringing of an individual, and the roles the two genders have played historically and in the modern world.
In this paper, the focus will be on the different roles men and women play in today’s workforce. Through the exploration of this topic, we will compare and contrast the different stereotypes both sexes combat from their adolescence, the existing prejudices within education, and the biases women face in male-dominated fields. For the purpose of this paper, these issues will be explored primarily within the Western world. The aim of this paper will be to support the claim that there is both a global archetype for masculinity and femininity.
In order to understand the different feminine and masculine archetypes in the educational and workplace domains, we must first discuss the issue of
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