Feminism : A Long Time Goal For The Feminism Movement

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Equality has been a long-time goal for the feminism movement. Over the last 100 years did feminism equality advanced so much within the united states. Women have gained many rights that men have and perhaps more. Has feminism accomplished all their goals that there is no need for feminist in the united states? Many women believe that there is no need for feminist anymore. Throughout history women had little to no rights then men. In ancient Egypt women were equal to their husbands but within their society they had distinct roles that men and women each had. For example, “Housework was very firmly equated with women’s work.” (Tyldesley). However, women still had their independence and rights. In ancient Rome women were in a sense owned by a…show more content…
For instance, Harriet Tubman known for the underground railroad before the civil war was also a spy during the civil war. Resources say, “She would go on scouting missions behind confederate lines” (Scott). Helping free slaves Harriet Tubman was fully capable of doing a man’s job which was considered during that time. Breaking down gender barriers and ideology in which women are weak. War was a stepping stone for feminist on gaining women’s suffrage. At the beginning of the civil war Elizabeth Cady Stanton decided to postpone their agenda during the war and concentrate their energy on other activities to gain more recognition (Frost, Cullen 136). They decided to help in the civil war as nurses, soldiers, and other jobs which women before that time wouldn’t have worked. During WWI and WWII, it was not uncommon to see women work in areas that were considered a man’s job. In fact, it was encouraged through a slogan and women were making one-third of the work force (“The American Experience In World War II” 279). It received both positive and negative feedback from women. Some women found it liberating from gender segregation. On the other hand, women who were not used to working or getting dirty disliked it. In the year 1920, feminist succeeded in achieving the right to vote. The 19th amendment granted any citizen to vote of either sex. The right to vote gave women and feminist to change the country for equality. In present time, feminist goals from the 19th century
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