Feminist Making A Great Change For The Family

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This article aims to explore that the feminist making a great change for the family, the author emphasizes family affected by feminist are the most and it makes female’s status and thinking style has dramatic change compare to different eras. Author 's objective is let people understand that pros and cons of feminism families in the study, and also use horizontal and vertical analysis the survey data to treat feminist trend critically. The author particularly considers about several aspects that are accomplish feminist change family style in different eras. In 1970~80s, female were suffering gender inequality in common nuclear families and also do household full time as units of social reproduction. These ideas constituted an ideology that early family sociologists helped formulate and popularize in response to what they perceived as threats to normative family patterns arising from rapid social changes that included legal victories won by the first wave of feminists. (Fox, 2015) Women fight with unequal gender relations and more and more egalitarian families appear. After that, global capitalism and neoliberalism become key parts to accelerate people to be “ideal worker”. “As Meg Luxton points out, neoliberal social policies have increased the care work that families must handle, and weakened families’ social-safety net. ” (Fox, 2015, p205) However, there are some negative effects from feminist that people cannot ignore. The difficulty of procuring a good job and the
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