Feminist Reflection

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On Tuesday August 29, 2017 it was my first day of WMST 250. I was nervous and had so many thoughts and questions running through my mind. “I hope my professor is nice,” “She didn’t have any reviews on,” (Yes…I did look you up on there! LOL!) and “I wonder what the class material will be?” The questions we started off with were about feminism. Before our first class we were assigned to watch “We Should All Be Feminists” TED Talk by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Our first activity was ordering images from least to most feminism. Before I began this activity I googled the definition of feminism because truthfully I was not familiar with feminism or feminist. Also one of our first readings was “Feminist Politics: Where We Stand” by Bell Hooks. We had several assignments throughout the semester. We had Reading Responses, Museum Visit Writing Assignment, Presentation in Pairs, Art-Activist Intervention, and Final Learning Analysis. The reading responses allowed students to ask questions and keep the reader engaged while reading. Personally, if I did not have to create questions from the readings I would not have been engaged in the reading or read as carefully as I did. The Museum Visit Writing Assignment allowed students to go outside of their comfort zone because we went to museums which many of us probably would not have done in our free time. Cara wanted us to feel like we belonged at museums and her goal was accomplished on my end. Before I went on my museum
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