Ferdinand De Sassuare Reflection Essay

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Reflection (Page 850) In Ferdinand De Saussure's Course in General Linguistics, almost the entire reading from our assigned texts that is, has conventionally been summarized on page 850. Overall, Sassuare explains his analysis of language by describing it as a system of signs and comparing/contrasting words in a language to other words. He says that words are what they are because of what they're not, and language wouldn’t exist without sound-image. Saussure analized language as a system of linguistic signs that he used to explain the “..indefinite plan of jumbled ideas..” inside our minds (Saussure 856). Sassaure’s diction on page 850 really stuck out to me obviously because it's the first example of his strange thought process. His diction is rather strange at times, but I thought this page served as a great introduction of what type of “adventure” you're about to embark on trying to follow along and get inside of Sassaures head for the rest of this piece. For example, who characterizes language and speech as heterogenous or homogenous? What does that even mean? What is a speech-circuit? This definitely is NOT a book that you can read or should be able to read, process, and comprehend on a first read through.
On page 850, he explains what he considers to be the characteristic of language. He says that language is just a system for phonic images and were we’re first introduced to his obsession with sound image, “..auditory image becomes associated with a concept..”

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