Feudalism and How It Affected Old England

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Feudalism was a very important aspect in developing the political organization in medieval England. It was one of dominant governments used by the nobles. Feudalism was when one of the king’s noblemen would give land to a man known as a fief and give the fief people to work the land for him. These people are known as serfs. The fief would then protect the serfs from being attacked as long, as long as the serfs worked the land to provide an income for the fief. If the fief accepted the nobles offer he would have to swear his allegiance to the king. After he swore to the nobles the fief would become a vassal to the noblemen. When the fief became a vassal he would have to provide military services or any other type of service to the king. A fief could also become a noble lord and could give some of his land away to other people known as fiefs. This process would be known as subinfeudation and this could go all the way up to the king. Feudalism was pretty much the only government at the time of medieval England. Feudalism came about because of the weak political groups and non-existent governments. The king would use feudalism as a way to show his power and make sure his military strength was strong. The use of this political organization slowly died out. “With an eye toward discovering the nature of the Marxists “transition from feudalism to capitalism” most of them concluded that marx was right; the old feudal aristocracy of the middle ages was gradually being
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