Fiber Optic And Its Impact On Technology

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Fiber-optic in Communication Fiber-optics are tiny threads of glasses that are arranged in optical cables to transmit light signal which relay information from one end to another. Fiber-optic is used in communication to enable transmission of information over long distances with minimal disruption and loss of data and hence widely used all over the world. Fiber-optic has a broad usage in data distribution telephony and broadband distribution among others. Today, it is one of the rapidly advancing technology mainly because of it benefits such as stable operation, small size and efficiency among others. However, fiber-optic has come a long journey through complex advancement to what it is today. Nonetheless, the increased demand for optical fiber and the advancing technology have greatly shaped the continuing development of fiber-optic for future use.
Fiber-optic has been widely adopted because of its benefits as compared to other mediums. First and foremost, Fiber-optic can be used to transmit signals over long distance. The use of optical cables in Fiber technology allows signals to be transmitted over long distance and maintain the integrity of such signals as compared to metallic cables. Secondly, optical cable allows transmission of broad bandwidth. Optical fiber are usually small in diameter and are light hence it is easy to install as it uses less space. Broadband can be transmitted through coaxial cable or radio system however, optical fiber is the best medium for
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