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Original Title Many variables are involved when it comes to learning. Some people learn better from seeing things, others through hearing them. Others learn things better by doing them, or through other medium such as music. How you learn can determine what style of school you should attend. The Ohio State University would be a traditional classroom setting, whereas the University of Phoenix would be considered an online school (University of Phoenix ). There are many benefits for each of these styles of learning. The Ohio State University should become a blended school in order to capitalize on the strengths of both forms of schooling, and recently they have taken steps in this direction.
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In a traditional classroom setting you have set hours in which you can attend, hindering some people from having the opportunity to go to a traditional campus. When it comes to online schooling you have complete flexibility. Of course with this flexibility and freedom comes a price. Online students must be driven enough to complete their assignments alone (Illinois Online Network). Online students don’t have professors or other students reminding them in offhand ways of assignments they have to complete or tests to study for. A good online course should be “a convenient way to receive their education – not an easier way” (Illinois Online Network). This is to say that online courses should be just as engaging and challenging as a traditional classroom setting. They should not be cheat ways for students to float into having degrees. This is a main reason that not all types of classes should be available online.
Not all things can be effectively learned through an online class. Arts related classes are one example. Art classes explore different mediums which can be incredibly difficult to do through an online setting. Hands on experience are one of the main staples of many aspects of art. Graphic design can be done through a computer program, but that is only one side of art. It would be very difficult for a student to try and create pottery by themselves

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