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I am writing in reference to the Georgian Language Freelance Field Interpreter position. The position has drawn my attention because it seems to match my field of interest, experience and knowledge. I will directly move on to brief consideration of my academic and professional interests and give a small presentation. I have years of experience of working in three different fields. From very early years I found it equally important to strengthen my academic knowledge with experience. I have very strong background in translating documents, including legal documents, official reports, talking points, grant proposals etc. For three years, I worked at Ministry of Defence of Georgia as a Desk Officer Translating and analyzing publications on various topics ranging …show more content…

As a contract employee my duties here range from assisting Georgian citizens in Belgium in various cases (including officially translating there documents) to making sure proper functioning of the consulate. My strongest assets are expertise strategic, interpersonal, and organizational skills, as well as flexibility, commitment to a task, and fluency in 2 languages - English and Russian. I believe that overall experience gained from working in three different fields ranging from government institution to none governmental organization gave me immense knowledge and an overall idea of how the three systems work. I am very hard working, highly motivated, eager to learn, and self-directed person, who welcomes change, can motivate others and stays focused on a goal. I am confident that my background and personality will allow me to make a positive contribution by effectively fulfilling responsibilities, making effective decisions, solving challenges and successfully executing given tasks. I value your strong commitment to success and justice, and look forward to discussing how my experience can contribute to your

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