Fight Club Capitalism

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Fight Club is a narrative for life showing the purpose of shaping individual identity through society, capitalism, and the impact of consumer culture. Fight Club takes what defines you, your house, job, family, and social relations and takes it all away in hopes to find your true self. Your real true self-being a better version of what you were before, one that doesn’t follow the social values, the influence of capitalism, and instead literally fights for something different, something to feel and be real. Fight Club takes you from buying fancy furniture, to realising what really matters in your life and what’s important. The book does this through fight clubs and project mayhem to make you realise that you’re not truly happy, and “Maybe self-improvement…show more content…
Fight Club wasn’t about how you defined yourself, your job, your house, how much money you had, your social life, or any other reason. Fight Club is literally fighting for something real, putting everything about you aside to focus on one central goal. “Two men to a fight, one fight at a time, no shoes, no shirts, fights go on as long as they have to… if this is your first night at fight club, you have to fight” (50). Fight club was a way for everyone regardless if you were a doctor, lawyer, cashier, or business man to escape your troubles in life, your worries, and do something real. Fight club has real consequences, and it is a way to offer an escape from who you think you are to learn who you really are. During Fight Club, you have a new persona, and it makes you realize that you are unhappy with your life, and gives you a way to change it. Fight Club does this by abandoning all social aspects, creating guided rules, and giving people a chance to start living. However, Fight Club never solves any issues or problems, it just gives people a way to deal with the stress of their regular life. Ever week men got to fight, using their frustrations to kick the living hell out of each other. It is almost like Fight Club was an out-of-body experience for the participants, and turning them into a whole other person for the entirety of the fight. Fight Club was the start to finding out who you really were, it was a recruitment for the men willing to escape the consumer culture, and strike back to those who held you down. Fight Clubs were appearing all across the United States, they were becoming a social movement that would further evolve into Project Mayhem (a group of elite people willing to abandon normal social life to stick it to the system by any means
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