Figure 1 show a simple diagram of wide area network (WAN) connected with few local area networks

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Figure 1 show a simple diagram of wide area network (WAN) connected with few local area networks (LAN). WAN is a network that covers a large geographical area. Internet is one of the best example of WAN has the largest area network over national region and worldwide connected to let devices located at everywhere connect to each other through this enormous network area. LAN allows connecting to computers and devices in a limited geographical area, LAN normally build in small area such as home, office building and school area. In Figure 1, the star topology is applied in WAN, centralized storage server act as a central point connect other LAN, it will not affect the entire network if any connection between LAN and WAN failure.
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Basically, centralized storage server applied when a international company having a big project world widely. Various type of severs in centralized storage server helps to manage and store huge amount of resources. Database server is one of the servers used to store the information of project systematically in database. Message server used to deliver, facilitate the message or data among all client who is connected to message server to ensure the communication and also the progress synchronization of the project in different country. SFTP server is a server ensures the securities of data file transmission with encryption between the clients and server to avoid unauthorized access of user steal the confidential information.
In a big project a company usually involves various types of data and information take as reference. All record must be well managed and stored for long time since those records might be needed at future. Hence a database server is recommended instead of saving record in paper form since paper has a limited lifespan for storage. The most common open source database is MySQL database provide database management to user which widely use in commercial website and also big project. The database management store and handle the data saved by user through application. The data in database play role as a record is normally confidential. SQL is a standard query
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