Film Analysis : King Of The King

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The film is set in Paris in 1392, at the Hôtel Saint-Pol, the residence of King Charles VI who ruled France during the turmoil of the hundred years war, and was thought to be mad by many people of the court. The story, however follows Francis, a young servant employed at the palace who falls in love with Catherine, a lady in waiting to one of the daughters of the King. Following the theme of fin amours, popular in the troubadour tradition, she is way above his station, and according to the rules of their society, they can never be together. Love, however, doesn’t always play by the rules, and the two struggle to keep their forbidden love a secret in the midst of a court with a mad king, with many enemies who would do whatever it takes to take the throne.
Guillaume de Machaut: Rose, liz, printemps, verdure (mid 14th cent)
The inclusion of a piece by Machaut in a film set in Charles VI court is very fitting as Machaut was supposedly close with Charles V of France, the father of Charles VI, during his time as the canon of the Rheims Cathedral (Gothic Voices). Machaut was also one of the most influential composers of the 14th century in France (Burkholder, J. Peter, et al. 120). He represented the musical style Ars Nova, coined by Phillip de Vitry in 1320. This piece will be played in the film when Francis, and Catherine meet each other for the first time. In the fashion of Romeo and Juliet their eyes meet across the crowded banquet room, and Francis is instantly swept

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