Film Analysis: Lone Star

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Lone star is a contemporary western set in Texas in the 90s. The film reflects themes of police corruption, immigration and the inter-cultural relations in a small border town. The film captures the backstories of different characters and intertwines them together through their interpretation of history and community.

Lone star focuses on the history and its relevance to the present. We see the perspectives of the different racial groups and their memories of the hated Sheriff Charlie Wade. Wade was a corrupt enforcement official who used his position to terrorize the community. He took bribes and flexed the law to bend to his will. Wade represented a corrupted system that eliminated justice.

After Wade’s disappearance, Buddy Deeds becomes …show more content…

Mercedes Cruz refuses to speak Spanish and uses racially insensitive language to rid herself from her past and identity. It is not until the end of the film when she is required to help another immigrant that she sees her past in the woman she is assisting. She can try to forget the past and change her identity, but history holds her …show more content…

Sam’s ex-wife is a stereotypical Texan. She loves football and her home is surrounded by football memorabilia. She follows the statistics of players and is enthralled by the game. She is unburdened by the present by living in a created world of football. Her history lies with sports. She does not have any burden to the social and political events of the present.

Lone Star depicts history as subjective. Truth can be accepted or ignored. We learn that it was Deputy Pogue who shot Sheriff Wade. Pogue had witnessed the murder of a man and he wasn't going to let Wade murder another one. Sam doesn't expose the truth because it has to relevance to the present. Pogue now the mayor is on the edge or retirement, and the truth has no effect on the people.

The film represents two time periods. The Charlie Wade age, an era of segregation and racism and the early 90s, a time period that is becoming more multicultural. Each time period deals with race relations differently. The Wade era is now a shadow to the present. The citizens of Frontera are trying to figure out what is relevant. What needs to be remembered. In the beginning of the film, we see the argument between teachers based on what history should be taught. The conversation is about trying to teach the complexities of history. The coming together of different cultures. Showing the complete picture and not just the “winning

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