Film Analysis Of The Film 'Blue Velvet'

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The film “Blue Velvet” was written and directed by David Lynch in 1986. This movie was inspired by Bobby Vinton’s cover of the song “Blue Velvet” that was released in 1963. In the film, David Lynch showed stylization through the opening and closing montages, as well as the ear of Denmark. Another stylized moment seen within this film is through the odd connection between Booth and Lincoln. Blue Velvet is a cult hit dealing with violence, sex, and kidnapping, all being glorified. Within the movie, the camera zooms into the ear, which is significant within the film because it starts Jeffery’s shady journey. In the movie, it starts off showing viewers a blue velvet curtain. According to page one of the Stylized moments chapter, this …show more content…

The ending is almost exactly set up like the opening, with a viewing of a crosswalk, signifying that things are “normal”. “The happy closure is unconvincing when applying the “next day” template to expect the memories and aftershocks of Frank’s disease to be wiped out by his death”, McBride said. I disagree with this. The ending of the movie symbolized peace in my opinion. Despite the disease, Jeffery put inside her and her conflicting facial expression, Dorothy can go back to living her normal, American dream. The primal scene is focused on Jeffery coming of age. Many times throughout the movie, sexualized scenes are shown. A specific scene was at the beginning of the movie when Jeffery’s dad begins to have a stroke while watering the grass. As he falls, the nozzle of the garden hose is right where his crotch is. According to Professor McBride, “this is necessary for the dog to continuously pound on him as it instinctively barks at and bites the streaming water.” This scene and set up shows how animalistic these attacks are. During this scene, a young child sees this animalistic outbreak, which relates back to a Freudian assumption. Since this film has the Freudian sensation right at the beginning, it makes it obvious that this film will be an erotic one. Something else that was important in the primal scene was “Lynch first provides this child witnessing a perplexing violent attack as a

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