Film Review : ' The Devil Wears Prada ' Essay

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Film Review: ‘The Devil Wears Prada’
Lesharia Pillay
Grade 10M

Film director: David Frankel
Year of release: 2006
Lead actors: Meryl Streep (Miranda Priestly)
Anne Hathaway (Andrea Sachs)
Plot summary

The Devil Wears Prada is a story that follows a 23 year old woman, Andrea (Andy) Sachs, who 's fresh out of Northwestern University and aspires to be a journalist for the New Yorker. Andrea does an interview at Elias-Clark publications and learns that Miranda Priestly, the Editor In Chief of Runway Magazine (One of the most influential magazines in the fashion industry) is looking for a new assistant. Andrea is told many times that this job is one that “a million girls would kill to have” She is not sure that being an assistant is what she wants to do especially since she had never heard of the magazine and knows nothing about fashion, but she finds out from Emily, Miranda’s current assistant, that if someone works for Miranda for a year and does well, Miranda considers them ready for a promotion and helps them find the position they are for. After much thought, Andrea decides to try for the job, unaware of Miranda’s harsh autocratic leadership style. As Andy works hard to meet all of Miranda’s demands, she loses herself in the process. She gets so occupied and consumed in her job that she forgets all her true values. Her relationship dwindles and her friends become distant. Andrea learns many important lessons from working at Runway Magazine and from Miranda and in the
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