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Name: 5 points
R1, R2, R9, R10, R11 (10 points each)
P1, P2, P14 (15 points each)

R1) Consider the transportation analogy in Section 6.1.1 .If the passenger is analogous to a datagram, what is analogous to the link layer frame? Answer: The transportation mode, such as the train, is analogous to the link layer frame.

R2) If all the links in the Internet were to provide reliable delivery service, would the TCP reliable delivery service be redundant? Why or why not?
Each link can make sure that an IP datagram sent over link which can be received at the other end of the link and there is no errors during this process. However, IP datagrams may not be in the proper order when they arrive at the ultimate
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If A sends thousands of IP datagrams to B with each encapsulating frame addressed to the MAC address of B, will C’s adapter process these frames? If so, will C’s adapter pass the IP datagrams in these frames to the network layer C? How would your answers change if A sends frames with the MAC broadcast…show more content…
if A sends frames with the MAC broadcast address, if the LAN broadcast address is used, the adapter of C will both process the frames and then pass the datagrams up to the protocol stack.

R11) Why is an ARP query sent within a broadcast frame? Why is an ARP response sent within a frame with a specific destination MAC address?
The reason why an ARP is query sent within a broadcast frame is that the adapter address of querying host does not correspond to the IP address. The sending node knows the adapter address to which the response should be sent as for the response, and as a result, it is not essential to send a broadcast frame.

P1) Suppose the information content of a packet is the bit pattern
1110 0110 1001 1101 and an even parity scheme is being used. What would the value of the field containing the parity bits be for the cases of a two-dimensional parity scheme? Your answer should be such that a minimum-length checksum field is used.
11101 10111 10010 11011
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